The Green Bank
Design Summit 2021

21-25 June, 2021
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Over 30 countries are exploring the green bank concept to drive country-led decarbonization. However, most of this work is happening in isolation. There needs to be a systematic approach to support countries’ efforts and bring the green bank concept to scale. With the Green Bank Design Summit and the Global Green Bank Design Platform, Rocky Mountain Institute and Natural Resources Defense Council are building a community of practice to accelerate green bank formation and operation globally.

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Around the world, a growing number of countries are exploring green banks—financial institutions or facilities dedicated to accelerating the shift to a sustainable economy. Authored by Rocky Mountain Institute, Green Finance Institute, and the Natural Resources Defense Council, State of Green Banks 2020 is the first aggregation and analysis of this activity, based on novel data collected from existing and emerging green banks in mid-2020.

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  • Green Finance Institute
  • NRDC