Summit Agenda

This is the agenda of Green Bank Design Summit 2019, held on March 18–19, 2019, in Paris.

Day One: Imagining the Future of Catalytic Green Finance Institutions

Session 1: Plenary: A Vision for Country-Driven Climate Finance

Welcome and introductions. Representatives from each country will share their reason for attending the Summit and what they hope to achieve. Participants will discuss how green banks fit into the broader sustainable finance system aimed at achieving the Paris Agreement and related Sustainable Development Goals.

Keynote Speakers: Rémy Rioux, Chief Executive Officer, Agence Française de Développement

Javier Manzanares, Executive Director ad interim, Green Climate Fund

Session 2: Plenary: Green Banks in Theory and Practice

What are green banks, and what functions can they play? Existing green bank practitioners will reflect on how green banks operate in practice. Country participants will share the status of green bank development in contexts around the world.

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Session 3: Fundamentals Topics

On the first day, participants will focus on four core green bank themes. In small groups of 20–25, participants will engage on the following topics. Everyone should come prepared for each session (advance reading materials forthcoming) in order to participate fully in the discussions, ask questions, and think through specific challenges and solutions.

  • Green Bank Fundamentals 1: What are the different green bank models? How are they set up and governed? This workshop will present the basic forms green banks can take, whether new or existing institutions, facilities or stand-alone entities. It will bring in perspectives from existing green bank practitioners and explore how developing countries are approaching green bank formation. It will also present important lessons learned on strategy, stakeholder engagement, governance and structure.
  • Green Bank Fundamentals 2: How can green banks fill existing market gaps, and what are the options for capitalizing a green bank? This workshop will explore the tools and products a green bank can deploy in order to address specific market gaps and provide an overview of capitalization options.
Day One Closing: Insights from Fundamentals
Off-site: Cocktail Reception and Dinner

Time to see Paris and connect with fellow participants in a congenial environment.

Day Two: Building Effective Catalytic Green Finance Institutions

Day Two Kickoff
Session 4: Concurrent Workshops

Summit participants will select to participate in one of two workshops, each of which will provide an opportunity to dive into two topics. Workshop groups will be made up of 20-25 participants each.

  • Workshop A: Tools for Greening Financial Institutions. This workshop will consider lessons learned in greening existing public financial institutions. It will also explore how financial instruments and products can be designed to stimulate project pipelines and catalyze private investment into low-carbon and climate-resilient technologies.
  • Workshop B: Institutional Frameworks and Risk Management: Using case studies of existing green banks and considering the developing country context, this workshop explores common elements in green bank formation, highlighting the key decisions that need to be made at each stage. In addition, the workshop explores how green banks face the challenges of how to manage risk and balance generating returns with their public policy mission.
Session 5: Green Bank Clinic and Individualized Action Plans

Clinic for Countries

The Clinic will be an opportunity for country participants—regardless of how initial or advanced their knowledge and stage of green bank exploration—to seek one-on-one or small-group advice from an expert. Areas of expertise available will include institutional design and structure, financial instruments and products, sources of capitalization, and technical assistance and capacity building.

Country teams will identify ahead of time areas they want to focus on and will be paired with an expert who will work with them to identify country-specific next steps. Participants and experts will be informed of the parameters for the discussion and will have guiding questions to facilitate the conversation.

Country Peer Consulting

In the hour before or after their assigned clinic sessions, countries will engage in an informal peer consulting exercise to spur solutions-oriented thinking.

Roundtables on Key Challenges

Non-country representatives will participate in Roundtables on Key Challenges. The session will begin with an opportunity for participants to identify key challenges they are facing in contributing to green bank formation. The group will then break up into small roundtables dedicated to each topic, with participants choosing which conversations they wish to pursue to begin brainstorming solutions. Facilitators will guide the session.

Session 6: Collaborative Mapping: From Insight to Action

Participants will share reflections on how different national circumstances affect decisions about green bank design and will collaborate to build a global map of green banking efforts. Non-country participants will report out on the outcomes of their roundtable discussions. Through guided exercises, participants will generate insights in real time allowing them to see the momentum of green bank activities, show how their country fits into a broad movement, and identify outstanding needs and available resources.

Session 7: Plenary: Collaboration at the Summit and Beyond and Closing Remarks

The final session will feature a facilitated group conversation to determine the areas of work that participants want to see carried forward, particularly on a continued global platform that the Summit will launch. Summit organizers will collate and present ideas for ongoing collaboration with specific next steps, services, and opportunities available for participants beyond the Summit.

Celebratory Champagne Toast