Participant Testimonials

"Very well-organized and very productive two-day event."

Melis Bitlis
Manager, ESCARUS – TSKB Sürdürülebilirlik Danışmanlığı A.Ş, Turkey

"We need technical assistance to improve the process and make it more sustainable and in line with the environment. This type of event must be twice or three times a year for this purpose."

Giovanni Calderon
Executive Director, Sustainability and Climate Change Agency

"I am glad to witness a community connecting bankers, financiers, ministries, and funding entities as a step towards innovative global climate finance."

Maha Hasebou
Strategic Sustainability Head, National Bank of Egypt

"This was the most productive conference I’ve attended so far on this topic. As public awareness and concern about climate change grows, so does the need for raising country awareness of our climate finance frameworks. A conference like this surely highlighted our readiness to provide assistance and share our experience to countries wanting to establish green banks as part of their policy response."

Kevin Holmes
Former Chief Governance & Strategy Officer, Clean Energy Finance Corporation, Australia

"Leaving aside content—excellent—I cannot think of a more tightly or carefully choreographed event that I have been to in recent years."

Christopher Knowles
Principal, Elements – Climate & Environment Finance

"The power of convening to incubate ideas, share experiences, and collectively solve problems is invaluable."

Diana Smallridge
President, International Financial Consulting Ltd.

"The [Summit] was a very powerful gathering, working as a great catalyst for the establishment and consolidation of green banks throughout emerging markets."

Orlando Cesar de Souza Lima
Head of Financial Policy Department, Ministry of Economy, Brazil