Global Green Bank Design Platform

Please note the Platform concept is under development. We will update this page regularly. The last update was May 1, 2019.

The Global Green Bank Design Platform will give countries access to the best of global technical assistance, structuring advice, and capitalization sources to establish green banks.

Insights from the inaugural Green Bank Design Summit confirm that currently, countries considering establishing a green bank lack a clear path guiding them from initial interest to implementation. At the Summit, 11 countries indicated they were within two years of launching a green bank. But they also identified external technical support on design and structuring as the most critical pieces to complete the process. In fact, countries at every stage of green bank development identified the need for external expertise. The mission of the Platform will be to support interested countries in locating and accessing guidance, training, and technical assistance. It will also provide a focal point for potential investors and technical assistance providers to connect with countries, all with the aim of accelerating green bank establishment and green finance deployment.

Deliverable: The Global Green Bank Design Platform will build on this momentum by serving as an ongoing hub for national green bank design globally. The mission of the Platform will be to accelerate the successful formation and operation of these institutions.