Summit 2019

About the Green Bank Design Summit 2019

Held on March 18–19, 2019, in Paris, the inaugural Green Bank Design Summit marked an important first step toward accelerating the formation of green banks in emerging markets and developing countries. The Summit brought together a curated group of leading practitioners to build a common understanding of green bank business models and options around formation, governance, and capitalization.

Participants included delegations of senior finance and development policy officials from 21 emerging markets and developing countries, multilateral development banks and development finance institutions, major private firms, existing green bank officials, and other important stakeholders. Together, participating countries represent approximately 56 percent of global population, 26 percent of global GDP (69 percent of developing country GDP), and 43 percent of global CO2 emissions from fuel consumption (71 percent of developing country emissions).

The Summit agenda is available here.

Summit Insights

Participatory format – The Summit affirmed the importance of national green finance institutions, facilitated connections and knowledge exchange among green bank stakeholders, and helped countries develop action plans for green bank formation. According to the exit survey, the most highly ranked session was session five, which included one-on-one clinics between countries and experts, peer coaching, and roundtables on key challenges. Over 80 percent of participants saw networking and knowledge exchange as the most valuable part of their Summit experience.

Country insights – After a day and a half of learning and sharing, countries provided input on specific questions about their current work, barriers, technical assistance (TA) needs, and their country’s plans for future work. Eleven countries indicated they plan to establish a green bank within the next two years. Key steps that countries identified as necessary to establish a green bank included the need for more information and awareness about green banks at the national level, reformed laws and regulations, and new and improved partnerships.

Support needed and available – Participants felt the Summit strongly demonstrated the country-level demand for TA to establish green banks and illustrated the diversity of existing TA resources. Countries were most interested in TA for institutional design, structure, and governance to bolster their work.

Accelerated planning – With dedicated time to formulate action plans, many countries left the Summit with connections, resources, and buy-in to carry the green bank agenda forward. According to exit surveys, 90 percent of participants found the convening beneficial to their work.

Summit to Platform – Participants voiced the hope that this event would be a first step in an important longer-term process. With strong demand for keeping this community alive, the organizers announced plans for a platform that supports the momentum and gives countries access to the best of global TA, structuring advice, and capitalization sources.

Download Summit Insights.

Participant Testimonials

"Very well-organized and very productive two-day event."

Melis Bitlis
Manager, ESCARUS – TSKB Sürdürülebilirlik Danışmanlığı A.Ş, Turkey

"We need technical assistance to improve the process and make it more sustainable and in line with the environment. This type of event must be twice or three times a year for this purpose."

Giovanni Calderon
Executive Director, Sustainability and Climate Change Agency

"I am glad to witness a community connecting bankers, financiers, ministries, and funding entities as a step towards innovative global climate finance."

Maha Hasebou
Strategic Sustainability Head, National Bank of Egypt

"This was the most productive conference I’ve attended so far on this topic. As public awareness and concern about climate change grows, so does the need for raising country awareness of our climate finance frameworks. A conference like this surely highlighted our readiness to provide assistance and share our experience to countries wanting to establish green banks as part of their policy response."

Kevin Holmes
Former Chief Governance & Strategy Officer, Clean Energy Finance Corporation, Australia

"Leaving aside content—excellent—I cannot think of a more tightly or carefully choreographed event that I have been to in recent years."

Christopher Knowles
Principal, Elements – Climate & Environment Finance

"The power of convening to incubate ideas, share experiences, and collectively solve problems is invaluable."

Diana Smallridge
President, International Financial Consulting Ltd.

"The [Summit] was a very powerful gathering, working as a great catalyst for the establishment and consolidation of green banks throughout emerging markets."

Orlando Cesar de Souza Lima
Head of Financial Policy Department, Ministry of Economy, Brazil

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