Summit 2021


About the Green Bank Design Summit 2021

Taking place from June 21-24 2021, the Green Bank Design Summit is the second global convening of stakeholders vital to the establishment of national green banks and other dedicated green finance institutions and facilities. The Green Bank Design Summit will create a forum for country representatives and experts to discuss green bank establishment issues, both shared and country-specific, through a series of workshops, clinics, and panels. As such, the Summit will accelerate the creation of green banks, thus enabling countries to achieve their nationally determined contributions to the Paris Agreement and align with a 1.5 degrees emissions pathway, while pursuing a just economic recovery.

At a time when there is an urgent need for green recovery and sustainable development, an increasing number of countries and regions are designing financial institutions to support low-carbon growth and accelerate the flow of green finance. The Summit will provide leading practitioners working to build these institutions a forum to exchange knowledge, collaborate to overcome shared challenges, and tap into international resources.

The Green Bank Design Summit will feature both high-level presentations addressing the role green banks play in mobilizing climate finance and spurring economic recovery, and in-depth workshops centered on developing specific solutions at the country level. Therefore, while some Summit sessions will be open to everyone, others will focus on country practitioner participation.

The Summit will be a highly participatory meeting.

The Summit agenda is available here.