Summit 2021

Green Bank Design Summit 2021

Taking place from June 21-24, 2021, the Green Bank Design Summit was the second global convening of stakeholders vital to the establishment of national green banks and other dedicated green finance institutions and facilities. It created a forum for country representatives and experts to discuss green bank establishment issues, both shared and country-specific, through a series of workshops, clinics, and panels.

The Summit brought together over 350 participants from 54 countries to learn about, discuss, and share key insights about green banks and the role they play in a green recovery.

Green Banks: Part of the Climate Finance Agenda

High-level speakers such as Lord Nicholas Stern and Nigel Topping discussed green banks in the context of the need to mobilize more climate finance and channel it to critical geographies and technologies, all while in strong collaboration with the private sector. We learned that in the lead up to the G20 Summit and COP26, we must not only raise climate ambition, we must also support countries’ national capacity and institutions, such as green banks, so they can turn ambition into action.

Amazing level of discussion, with key actors like Senator Van Hollen, Rémy Rioux, and Ambroise Fayolle.”

-Summit Participant

The Green Bank Movement is Growing

We were inspired by lawmakers around the world; Senator Van Hollen and Representative Debbie Dingell from the US, and MP Hyung-bae of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea shared how their countries are working to create the next generation of green banks. Speakers Rémy Rioux and Ambroise Fayolle showed us that public development banks are leading the way on climate investment and Covid-19 recovery.

Learning by Example

Participants and green bank practitioners shared that every country’s journey to create a green bank is different and depends on a country’s geography, access to renewable energy, political situation, overall market contexts, and climate policies.

Throughout the three Summit workshops, countries interested in the green bank model had the chance to hear from experts and peers about choosing the right institutional model, capital recruitment, considerations of how to accelerate investments in low carbon markets, how to demonstrate impact, build project pipelines, and get political buy in.

“It was great to hear the insights from practitioners with a lot of experience and that have already gone through the process.”

Summit Participant

It’s Better Done Together

Country practitioners working to set up green banks told us that resources and guides make the process easier and that knowing where to go for support is the first challenge. Likewise, technical assistance providers and donor organizations shared ways they can be connected to green bank projects to continue to support the development of these institutions.

“Now that I’ve established all the connections and met you, I know I’m not doing this alone, we’re doing this together, in collaboration.”

Summit Participant

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